COOLIF2545 Laser Cooler -25°C up to -35°C

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COOLIF45 Laser Cooler -25°C up to -35°C

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It is a cooling device for epidermis used during laser applications.

- It is an invention and construction of Laserif company, which has a worldwide avant-garde in corresponding systems.

- It is compatible with all types of laser, such as Alexandrite, Ruby, Nd:YAG, Diode, Erbium, CO2, etc. that need cooling for epidermis protection and local anaesthesia (no other relative system can be used with all types of Lasers).

Coolif has internal temperature -25°C up to -350C and freezes the epidermis on the surface with temperature air 20Co-30°C, without causing skin temperature decrease in depth and without reducing Laser output energy.

Coolif achieves skin protection during applications like: hair-removal, peeling tattoo removal, hemangiomas, wrinkles, etc.

Provision of cooling air acts like anaesthesia, as the aesthetic neuron endings are placed in epidermis, making by that way application really painless.

Moreover, Coolif device is characterized by the following advantages:

  • -  It is ecologicalIt doesn’t consume any coolingmaterial in order to harm atmosphere or user’shealth.

  • -  It is economic.It has no additional operational cost.

  • -  It is Laserif's invention and construction, a company that for more than 30 consecutive years

    has proved the reliability of its products.

It produces less noise

Coolif is adapted to all kinds of Lasers

Coolif is compatible with all types of lasers for dermatology applications, improving substantially their performance and efficiency

By using special adaptors, manufactured in our premises, Coolif is adapted effectively to all kinds of laser systems.
Adaption is very easy whether the laser is designed to use for cooling Freon 134A or contact cooling or any other kind of cooling.

Immediate Results:
1. We reduce losses caused by interposed materials such as

glass, water and Freon drops.

2. Epidermis’ temperature is reduced without affectingchorion’s temperature.

3. Increased laser performance and efficiency (Better results with lower energy)

  1. Lasers’ lifetime is extended, as it operates with lower energy

  2. Operating cost is decreased

  3. Application is pleasant for the client (cooling and anaesthesia simultaneously)

  4. Healthy environment for everybody (Atmospheric air instead of Freon)